"There's no way out this time. You know that, don't you? We've all run out of options."

Cole has been working at the Lathinium mine since he was old enough to get a job. He doesn’t remember anything about his family, or his past, and his only goal is to make it through enough years of work until he finally has enough money to move somewhere better. But when one of the most important men in Lathinium visits the mine, Cole discovers there is a lot more to his forgotten past.

A deadly experiment reveals something greater than Cole ever imagined, and also traps him into a plan he never wanted. He’s determined to escape, but the more he learns about his past, the deeper he’s entangled. Both friends and enemies are equally determined to use Cole for their own purposes, and it’s impossible to know who to trust. No matter what choice Cole makes, secrets, lies, and deception wait at every turn.

Now Cole’s options are simple: risk his life, or lose it. 

"Just watch out. If you aren't careful, you could end up losing everything."

Cole managed to survive his last encounter with General Sylvester, and the magic has finally been freed. Now, Cole is ready to leave Lathinium for good, and move on with his life.

But a visit to Rhomac reveals that a lot has changed since the last time Cole has been there- and it’s all his fault. With most of his friends in danger, Cole knows that he needs to stop General Sylvester once and for all.

Cole’s prepared to do whatever it takes to stop the general, and with Gale and Aria’s help, it actually seems possible.

But in order to save the world, Cole might have to sacrifice everything he loves.

"Two star- crossed lovers’ running away together off into the distance. Fighting against all odds, living a life of poverty, but knowing that love conquers all...until it doesn’t. Then you wake up with a jolt, and realize real life isn’t a fairy tale.”

Gwen has been working for the High King and his family since she was ten. The catch? The High King is her grandfather… and everyone in castle knows it. She and her twin Caleb were a mistake- the only proof that anyone defied the High King’s plans, and lived to tell about it. Unfortunately, Gwen is also proof of a much larger mistake than that.  

Gwen has the Gift of Kings, a special magic passed down to the heir of the kingdom. She should be next in line for the throne, but instead she is forced to watch helplessly as her entire family bends under her grandfather’s power. She is the only one with the power to stop her grandfather, but in order to end his tyrannical reign, she will have to risk everything. All the odds are stacked against her, and Gwen is running out of options. To save the people she loves, Gwen must learn to rely on herself and become the Last Heir.